• Designed with the installer in mind, Smith contractor-friendly products are expertly crafted for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Our contractor-friendly products are designed to be time-saving and require less manpower in order to make your job easier.
  • View an array of contractor-friendly water closet and urinal supports, heavy duty trench drain systems and hydrant boxes.


  • Access dozens of product specification submittals to determine appropriate features for all large-scale and commercial contracting application projects.
  • Choose from an array of product options, drainage styles and custom logos to enhance each product to fit all multiple design necessities.
  • View product renderings and model specification sizes to decide which fixtures and accessories meet all application requirements.


  • Download multiple Installation Instructions to assist with ease of construction and time sensitive projects.
  • Read all supplemental reference drawing information prior to installation of drainage systems and stainless steel fixtures.
  • Follow step by step instructions for proper installation and maintenance.


  • Watch all of our product videos and discover why Smith trench drains and stainless steel plumbing fixtures are designed with the contractor in mind.
  • Learn features about Smith specialty products like the Quad Close “Stink Stopper” Trap Seal Device, Siphonic Roof Drains and Cored Hole Drilled Hydrants.
  • View instructional videos, product demonstrations and webinars to provide ease of mind during installation and maintenance of Smith products.


  • Allow us to aid in your choice of Smith products by manufacturing and engineering specifications and guidelines.
  • Each item is provided with a reference to our catalog page numbers to assist in location pictorial data, application accessibility and specification details.
  • Pick and choose from a variety of product & assembly options and accessories. Learn why Smith is a brand built to last.


  • Smith’s line of JRS Products is designed and manufactured for light commercial and design-build applications.
  • Smith light commercial products feature roof drains, cleanouts, sanitary floor sinks, water hammer arresters, hydrants, traps, backwater valves and interceptors.

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