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Custom Project Showcase

Acorn Engineering Company® manufactures a variety of plumbing fixtures for correctional, institutional, commercial and government markets. While our standard products are suitable for most applications, we also enthusiastically welcome custom work to meet the needs of our customers. We take pride in tackling even the most challenging custom projects.

Included below are some examples of Acorn’s® completed custom projects. By reading through the case studies below, you will find out how Acorn’s team of engineers, project managers and manufacturing staff can create products that meet the unique requirements of your application and facility.

Snap-on® Turns to Acorn Engineering Company for OEM Parts

Click on the Image to Enlarge the illustrationMachinery used to produce tubes for Snap-on wrenches.

Custom projects don’t have to originate from Acorn Engineering Company’s core product line. As this case study will show, companies like Snap-on Tools have been turning to Acorn to satisfy their need for OEM parts for many years. Acorn work for Snap-on Tools demonstrates the benefits that Acorn can offer OEM customers, including hassle-free production of needed parts, customization of the process to the customer specific needs, and flexibility in production and manufacturing capacity.

Case Study

Custom Fabrication Saves the Day at Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport needed to replace their drinking fountainsOrlando International Airport Drinking Fountains

Orlando International Airport needed to replace their drinking fountains, but found that to be easier said than done when they considered the construction costs that could result. In this case study, you will learn how Acorn Engineering Company® was able to find a solution for easy replacement of the airport’s drinking fountains with custom fabrication.

Case Study

Custom Hand Wash Stations for Philadelphia Zoo

Custom Hand Wash Stations for Philadelphia ZooCustom Hand Wash Stations for Philadelphia Zoo

When the Philadelphia Zoo needed hand washing stations that wouldn’t freeze in the coldest winters, Acorn Engineering Company®, Neo-Metro®, and Murdock Manufacturing® rose to the challenge. Learn more about how these three members of Morris Group International® came together to create hand washing stations that work reliably all year long.

Case Study