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Green Statement

Acorn Engineering Company®

Acorn Engineering Company is a leading U.S. manufacturer of water saving plumbing products for commercial, hospitality and residential use. Because Acorn Engineering Company researches, designs and manufactures all its products, customers have the benefit of going to one supplier to get the job done. In this way, Acorn® supports a "whole building" approach to commercial sustainability, meaning that we offer integrated solutions from toilets and basins to whole bath suites.

Acorn Engineering has both stainless steel and solid surface products. Our stainless steel products have an industrialized, modern appeal. We use 80 percent recycled stainless steel, which can be reclaimed after use and again recycled. Not only is stainless steel an ecologically responsible material, it is an economic solution: Acorn's products stand up to any building's challenge, and are less likely to need replacing than porcelain or china fixtures. Our stainless steel products need only be installed once and provide a long-term monetary savings for customers.

Stainless steel's functionality and durability don't have to look institutional. Our products come in a variety of options to enhance the look of traditional stainless steel. Our Enviro-Glaze® powder coating option is an eco-friendly way to add a sophisticated hue to any design, and can be color-matched. Stainless steel can also be chosen in a high-polish or satin finish, creating a wide range of looks for every discerning taste.

For more information on offerings, browse our entire product line.