Prefixes and Suffixes

Common prefixes and suffixes used on Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. products are listed below. Included are prefixes and suffixes for outlet types, drains and fixture supports.

BWButt Weld Outlet
CInside Caulk Outlet
LSpeedi-Set Outlet
LXHSpeedi-Set Outlet Extra Heavy
SSpigot Outlet
TFemale Threaded Outlet (unless specifically stated as male)
*YNO-HUB Outlet

*Integral NO-HUB connection. If not available with integral NO-HUB connection, specify threaded outlet with Fig. 2646Y No- Hub adaptor or an inside caulk outlet with Fig. 9502 Speedi Seal Gasket.
Suffix Y in Cleanout Section denotes carpet maker.
Suffix Y in 2005/2010 Series only denotes overflow variation with standpipe strainer.

DXWide Flange
AAAluminum Body and Collar
ABAluminum Bucket
ACAluminum Cover
ARIAcid Resistant Coating Inside
ARIOAcid Resistant Coating Inside and Outside
BSediment Bucket
BBBronze Body
BFVBall Float Backwater Valve
BSBucket With Mesh Screen
CFlashing Clamp
CPChrome Plated
DDome Grate
FPFrost Proof Bucket
HHinged Grate
HVacuum Breaker
HC11" Hose Connection
HPHeel Proof Grate
LBLess Bucket
LDLess Dome
LGLess Grate
MDuctile Iron Grate
MBGDuctile Iron Bucket and Grate
N1/8" Drain Hole In Box
NBPolished Nickel Bronze
NHHigh Auxiliary Inlet
NLLow Auxiliary Inlet
P050; P075Trap Primer Connection
PBPolished Bronze
RSump Receiver
RBRough Bronze
SSquare Top
SBStatuary Bronze
SBPSolid Bottom Ported Bucket
SECSecured Grate
SFSatin Finish
SGSlotted Grate
SHSecuring Holes
UVandal Proof Top
VBackwater Valve
WHWheel Handle
WWith Seepage Holes
XP; XPB; XPP; XPSSClosure Plug
ZEnzyme Opening
BThreaded Connection
CCopper Sweat
GGalvanized Adjustable
KFKnee Action Valve (Fixture Mtd.)
KWKnee Action Valve (Wall Mtd.)
LLeft Hand
NAuxiliary Inlet
RRight Hand
UVandal Proof Trim
ZFor Narrow Wall Use
M11Floor to Ceiling Uprights
M12Flush Valve Supply Support
M13Tiling Frame
M17Water Closet Setting Gauge
M24Ext. Adaptor for Concealed Arms
M30Special Offset Arm Application
M31Heavy Duty Rectangular Steel Uprights
M32Round Steel Uprights
M40Wide Pipe Chase
M50High Set Legs
M51Anchor Foot Assembly
M54Face Plate with Side Leg Assembly
M58Face Plate with "O" Ring Seal and Adjustable ABS Nipple
M73Rear Outlet Closet Connection (9")
M74Rear Outlet Closet Connection (6")
2Type 2 Coupling
27Extended Arms for Handicapped Lavatory
2MType 2M Coupling
95Test Cap Assy. (C.I. Nipples Only)