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In our brand new Mobile Showroom, we feature a wide array of quality Smith products, including floor & trench drains, water closet supports, trap seals, access doors and much, much more. Click on the images below to take a virtual tour of the Smith Mobile Showroom.

We Are On The Road!

Smith Mobile Showroom Plumbing & Drainage Products

Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. is on the road, showcasing many of our drainage and plumbing products in multiple cities around the country. For information about when the Smith Mobile Showroom will be coming to an area near you, please contact the Smith Sales Department at 800-GO-SMITH (800-467-6484), or contact your local Smith Representative by clicking here!

iPad Touchscreens For Viewing!

Information Video: Floor Drains
Information Video: PVCeptor

Utilize our Mobile Showroom’s iPad touchscreens. Learn more about particularly exciting Smith products including Enviro-Flo II trench drains, PVCeptor plastic floor drains, Quad Close “Stink Stopper” trap seal device, access doors, hydrants and more.

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Smith Mobile Showroom Truck

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